Third Grade Hands-On Activities

  • Count money with a value of $5.00 or less. Use a variety of coins and bills.
  • Estimate and measure using common measuring instruments:
    • length in inches, feet, yards, centimeters and meters
    • liquid volume in teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints quarts, gallons and liters
    • weight/mass in ounces, pounds, grams and kilograms
    • temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Identify and compare properties of plane and solid geometric shapes; square/cube, rectangle/rectangular solid, triangle/pyramid, circle/cylinder.
  • Draw line segments and angles (acute, obtuse, right) using a straightedge and compass
  • Identify and describe congruent and symmetrical two-dimensional drawn figures using tracing procedures.
  • Gather numerical data about a topic and construct a bar graph showing the results. The bar graph should include a title and a key.
  • Read and interpret data represented in bar and picture graphs.
  • Recognize, describe, extend and create various types of patterns.
  • Determine characteristics of a pattern and create a different pattern with the same characteristics.

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